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This simple, moderate, 12-Week Stack will result in tremendous gains in size and strength for the average male athlete. This stack is a combination of Anadroxyl and Deca-durabolin, ending with HCG and Clomid; it's a good starting point if you're a novice.

I'll explain the stack shortly, but first, there are a few important and frequently overlooked rules to follow if you're looking to maximize your results from training, supplements and gear, here they are. You must have plenty of high quality protein if you want to grow. This should come from natural food sources whenever possible. It can however, be supplemented by using a high quality protein supplement, there just isn't enough time in the day to prepare all the whole food meals you'd need and supplements are cheaper. The rule of thumb is 2-3gms of protein per pound of body weight per day. Next is rest, be sure to get at least 8 hours of sound sleep a day. And finally, hydration. That's right, H2O, water, drink at least 8, 12-16 ounce, glasses throughout the day.

Here are the steroids that will result in strength and muscle mass gains. Anadroxyl 50 (an oral steroid) is the strongest steroid and gives impressive gains in strength and muscle mass because of it's highly anabolic/androgenic qualities. You could easily expect gains of 10-15 pounds in two weeks. Androgenic effects and water retention are to be expected.

Anadroxyl increases the volume of blood in the body and the number of red blood cells; so more oxygen will be available to the muscles, which in turn creates enormous gains in endurance and performance. This will result in increased reps and sets with less fatigue. Anadroxyl shortens the cycle of tissue regeneration, so you don't need to worry about overtraining. Many athletes feel completely recovered in only a few short hours. You could train every day of the week and don't need to take time off for recovery; this is why such tremendous gains are realized in such a short period of time.

If you're a novice to AAS's (anabolic/androgenic steroids) start with a mild dosage, don't be impatient. You're already satisfying that terrible quality in us all by taking steroids in the first place. Start with a mild dosage of one tablet a day increasing within a week or so to two tablets a day. This should not be cycled longer than six weeks, as it will saturate the receptor sites. So, halfway into the cycle, you should reduce the dose to the one tablet a day until the cycle is complete.

Please consider the fact that Anadroxyl is the strongest steroid available, the low dosage is very effective. If you're an experienced athlete and over 210-240 lbs, you can increase this up to 3-4 tabs a day, but no more. The dose formula is about 0.6mgs per pound of body weight per day for experienced athletes. These gains will disappear significantly after the cycle ends, so it is best to introduce a new substance as opposed to increasing the dose of Anadroxyl.

On to Deca-Durabolin, probably the most popular AAS's on the market and it's one of the safest as well. A dosage of 2mg per pound of body weight is a good basis to work with. Many people believe if you take larger doses you'll get greater results. This is not really true, once you dose over 600-700mgs per week, you risk the side effects and lose the benefits. Deca's results are directly proportionate to the dosage until you reach a dosage of 600mgs/week.

Deca produces great gains in size and strength due to its protein synthesis properties. The signals the receptors receive from Deca are to maintain a positive nitrogen balance (when the muscle stores, instead of releases, nitrogen which is a part of protein) and therefore allow the muscle to accumulate an abundant supply of protein. So, if you do not have a high intake of superior quality protein, you will not achieve any of the gains associated with this product.

Also, Deca blocks the cortisone receptors allowing faster regeneration and less deterioration in the muscle and thus, more gains. Mixed with Anadroxyl 50, Deca offers rapid gains in size and strength with a dosage of around 400mgs per week. Mix this dosage into the Anadroxyl stack in the third week with 100mgs and reaching 400mgs in the sixth week increasing 100mgs per week, then taper down 100mgs per week to finish with 200mgs in the 8th week.

To combat water retention and aromatization, Proviroxyl and Nolvadex should be added to the stack.

Nolvadex is used to counter the androgenic effects of Anadroxyl and Deca. It's an anti-estrogen that blocks the estrogen receptors, but does not prevent aromatization. It also helps in the fat burning process by reducing estrogen levels. If you have a pre-disposition to gyno or water retention, you'll want to make sure you take Nolvadex and Proviroxyl. Nolvadex may also reduce the anabolic effect of some steroids, but the pros far outweigh the cons.

12-Week Beginners Size & Strength Cycle

Cycle Week Anadroxyl Deca Durabolin Nolvadex Proviroxyl HCG Clomid
1 1 Tab/day (with food)
2 2 Tabs/day (with food)
3 2 Tabs/day (with food) 100mgs/wk
4 2 Tabs/day (with food) 200mgs/wk 10-20mgs per day
5 1 Tab/day (with food) 300mgs/wk 10-20mgs per day 20mgs/ day
6 1 Tab/day (with food) 400mgs/wk 10-20mgs per day 25mgs/ day
7 300mgs/wk 10-20mgs per day 25mgs/ day
8 200 mgs/wk 10-20mgs per day 25mgs/ day
9 10-20mgs per day 25mgs/ day 1500 iu's 2xwk (Monday & Thursday)
10 1500 iu's 2xwk (Monday & Thursday) 50mgs/ day
11 50mgs/ day
12 50mgs/ day

Proviroxyl is an estrogen antagonist used to prevent aromatization; it also can boost reduced testosterone levels after the use of AAS's. Once the steroids have left the body, a "freedom" of estrogen receptors could suddenly absorb the estrogen in the blood, causing the effects you were trying to avoid in the first place. This is called the "Rebound Effect". Proviroxyl will help to bring your male characteristics back to normal, I.E. sperm count, fertility, stop impotence, etc. It will also lead to muscle hardness after your cycle as the androgen level is increased while estrogen levels are still low.

HCG brings the endogenous level (your body's natural level) of testosterone up. This will restore testosterone levels after the use of AAS's it also remedies testicular atrophy. You can take a dosage of HCG in the middle of a cycle to boost test levels. HCG (Fertigyn) comes in an odd form compared to the other substances, a powder and a liquid. The liquid is to be mixed in the powder and completely dissolved, then injected. Any remaining mixture should be stored in the refrigerator, unmixed it can be stored in room temperature out of direct light.

Remember, this is a novice or average stack and is designed to get the most out of it. Variations of course can be adapted to it, such as using Parabolan, Sustanon, etc. You should give serious thought to the substances that will reduce side effects and not just think about ones that produce tremendous gains. Using the right combination of a few steroids knowledgeably will result in far greater gains than misusing a ton of steroids at the same time. Also, your body will thank you for it and the results will be obvious.


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