First Cycle

On this page you'll find two examples of cycles that are rather easy on your body and thus suitable for using in a first-time steroid cycle. The first cycle is the lightest one. It consists of 2 anabolic steroids. Because none to them are androgenic, they'll not give you any water retention, they'll not interfere with your natural testosterone production, they'll not give you severe acne and they will not make your hair fall off on a low dosage.

The second cycle is quite easy on your body too, but a bit heavier than the first one. That's because an oral steroid is being used. Oral steroids, like Dianabol, are constructed to have short life spans and are broken down all at once. Because of this, oral steroids put a tremendous strain on the liver. However, when you stick to the recommended dosages, the cycles below probably won't give you any side effects at all. First I'll give a short description of the steroids used in these cycles.

Primobolan (Depot)

Primobolan Depot is an injectable anabolic steroid. Primo is considered the cleanest and gentlest anabolic steroid. It's low in androgens and not very toxic. It can be effective for bulking, but tends to harden and add muscle tone rather than add size. It gives quality mass when stacked with an androgenic steroid. It's also commonly cycled with other steroids, because it tends to lessen water retention. Available in 50 mg/cc and 100 mg/cc.

Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate)

Deca-Durabolin is also an injectable anabolic steroid. Deca is one of the most popular steroids and easiest to obtain. Deca is excellent for producing gains in size and strength. It's used for cutting and bulking up and can be stacked with virtually all steroids. This drug dramatically reduces the time needed for recuperation after workouts.


Dianabol is an androgenic steroid that has to be taken orally. It's one of the most effective strength and mass building oral steroids. It does cause considerable water retention. Dianabol is high in androgens and causes sleeplessness in high doses. It comes in 20 mg tablets.

First steroid cycle: Primobolan Depot and Deca Durabolin

Week Primobolan Depot Deca Durabolin
1 200 mg
2 300 mg
3 300 mg 200 mg
4 200 mg 300 mg
5 200 mg 300 mg
6 200 mg 300 mg
7 300 mg
8 200 mg
9 200 mg

Second steroid cycle: Deca Durabolin and Dianabol

Week Deca Durabolin Dianabol
1 200 mg
2 200 mg 15 mg
3 300 mg 25 mg
4 300 mg 25 mg
5 300 mg 25 mg
6 300 mg 25 mg
7 300 mg 20 mg
8 200 mg 10 mg
9 200 mg

When you use steroids, you have to increase the daily calorie intake with maybe as much as 50%. It's very hard to do this with normal food, so you might consider using a weight gainer. You should also drink a lot of extra water, about 2 liters every day.