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Circle ( - the most convenient and fastest way to buy and sell bitcoins today.

The interface is incredibly simple and understandable, the registration does not require proof of identity, registration form consists of a name, surname, email address and password. Attaching cards are instantaneous, as well as the buying process itself. There is a mobile App for iOS and Android.

However, the mobile version of the site also is laid out very well, and its use should not cause any difficulties.

Bitcoin Account Balance

Buying bitcoins is instantaneous, but the sale may take a couple of days because of the processing delays. There is a total amount of the buy / sell limit - $500 per week, which will increase as you increase the volume of transactions. On the I / O coins are no restrictions, as well as on transfers between users of the system. By the way, it is possible to transfer Bitcoins to e-mail for users who are not registered on this system, via e-mail the recipient will receive an invitation to create an account and get money on it.

Bitcoin Operations

For accounts there are two-factor authentication methods: Phone Number and Google Authenticator. For the first method you will receive a SMS on phone, absolutely without delay. In addition, there is a setting to send the confirmation of operations and the withdrawal of funds. All funds in your account are insured (for users of the insurance free of charge), so that in case of theft of secret keys from Circle server, the insurance company will reimburse the losses to users.

Bitcoin Security

Many people are afraid to try to buy steroids with Bitcoin because of the stereotype that it is difficult. In practice, however, to buy Bitcoins is not only simpler than the foreign exchange market, but it is even easier than to go to the operating cash to buy dollars or euros, and most importantly - also legally as how to buy a track on iTunes. In addition, you can safely try a deal with a small sum which, in the event of "failure" you would not be afraid to lose. Again, this advice is just to help you to overcome the fear of the very first trade and dispel the myth that Bitcoin - it is difficult and for geeks. In reality, however, everything goes just as the opposite: Bitcoin - it's just for ordinary people!


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