Order CJC-1295 Online

Order CJC-1295 Online
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Human Peptide Hormone
Active Substance: Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide
Manufacturer: Hubio
Unit: 5 vials x 2 mg
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Drug Description

The duration of CJC-1295 is the main advantage of the CJC-1295 to recombinant GH and GHRH. In healthy adults, after this drug was once applied, it stimulated GH production for two weeks. As stated by Clinical Endocrinology, a single CJC-1295 injection leads to increased concentration of growth hormone in the blood plasma by 2-5 times, at a duration of six days. Furthermore, it entails the increase in concentration of IGF-1 at a half to three times with a duration of nine to eleven days.

CJC-1295 Composition

1 vial contains:
Active substance: Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 2 mg

Bodybuilding Benefits

The main CJC-1295 effects include: stimulation of growth of new muscle fiber and growth of protein synthesis; a significant increase in muscle mass at loads of lesser intensity; increased lipolysis, leading to reduction in adipose tissue; reducing the number of wrinkles and improve skins conditions; recovery of organs that have atrophied in the aging process; improving the state of the immune system; more rapid healing of wounds and improve the body's ability to recover.

As a GHRH analogue (a hormone somatotropin release), CJC-1295 shows very good results. Besides the fact that it has a great potential for growth in the level of growth hormone, CJC-1295 also produces stimulation of the growth of IGF-1 and HGH without increasing prolactin levels. This leads to the fact that the protein synthesis is carried out more intensively and muscle mass does not increase so rapidly.

Therapeutic Indication

Dosage (Men)

300 mcg per day.

Dosage (Women)

300 mcg per day.

Active Life

Varies by storing method.

CJC-1295 Side Effects

One of the side effects, but rather positive effects, of the drug CJC-1295 is that after the injection it is likely you will be falling asleep, deep enough. The fact is that during sleep, regeneration processes in the body occur faster and better, and the muscle mass grows rapidly. As a rule, sleep disorders affect athletes which are training in the evening and the elderly.

CJC-1295 Contraindications/Precautionary Measures


There are no registered cases of overdosage.

CJC-1295 Stack/Cycle

In order to regenerate the various systems of the body, take CJC-1295 just before going to bed, once per day.

In bodybuilding, for muscle building, a CJC-1295 injection is produced three times a day.

The optimum dose is considered to be 300 mcg per day and it should be divided into three equal parts, to perform injections in the morning, afternoon and evening.

In order to achieve a synergistic effect, in which substantially increases the release of growth hormone, it is practiced co-administration of CJC-1295 and GHRP-2 or GHRP-6.

Duration of CJC-1295 cycle does not have any limitations.

The drug is injected into the body via intramuscular or subcutaneous injection.

Package Presentation

5 vials.


CJC-1295 should be stored at a temperature of +2-+8°C, preferably in an insoluble form. Shelf life in this case is 18 months. Dissolved CJC-1295 is stored in the refrigerator no more than 1-2 months.

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