Order Dianabol + Nandrolone Cycle Online

Order Dianabol + Nandrolone Cycle Online
139.00 USD
Beginner Steroid Cycle:
- Dianabol: 100 pills (20 mg/pill)
- Nandrolone: 10 ml vial (250 mg/ml)
- Proviron: 50 pills (25 mg/pill)
Manufacturer: 7Lab Pharma
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This Dianabol + Nandrolone cycle will be strong enough for a beginner athlete. This course will have two basic steroids.

Dianabol and Nandrolone (Deca 300 mg/ml) are very strong drugs.

In Dianabol, very strongly are developed anabolic together with androgenic activity. And in Nandrolone, the anabolic effect of the drug very strongly predominates over the androgenic effect. Both steroids perfectly match and are suitable for stack.

On this cycle of steroids, you can gain 4-7 kg of muscle mass. Proviron will help you to remove excessive water and make your muscles more dense. Also, when taken together, Proviron will remove all the negative effects from taking steroids.

On each cycle, ideally, when a beginner uses an oral together with injectable steroid, the course turns out completely correct and more effective than those when there are only tablet preparations. Many beginners are afraid to inject themselves due to fear of needles and the injection itself. And in most cases, injections are more harmless than orals and do not cause any damage to your liver and other organs, it gives a stable and very high result in building muscle mass and physical strength.

Week Dianabol Nandrolone Proviron
1 20 mg/day 200 mg/day
2 30 mg/day 200 mg/day 20 mg/day
3 30 mg/day 200 mg/day 20 mg/day
4 30 mg/day 200 mg/day 20 mg/day
5 30 mg/day 200 mg/day

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- Clomid: 50 pills (50 mg/pill)
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