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Turanabol Cycle
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Beginner Steroid Cycle:
- Turanabol: 100 pills (20 mg/pill)
- Nolvadex: 100 pills (20 mg/pill)
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma

Turanabol is a popular drug among beginners, and among experienced athletes. Many Turanabol cycles has positive reviews, as Turanabol has a strong anabolic effect, which is clearly demonstrated by a good growth of dry mass, increased physical strength and endurance.

Turanabol is administered orally. For beginners, a dosage of 30 to 40 mg is recommended in a day. More experienced athletes can take a dosage of 40 - 60 mg per day.

Turanabol is used in many cycles, aimed at accelerating the growth of muscles, as well as for its quality and strengthening in general. In order to obtain the desired effect during the cycle, it is necessary:

- Observe the dosage of 30 mg up to 50 mg in a day.
- Take after eating food.
- Observe the cycle duration from 5 to 8 weeks.
- In order to increase the effectiveness of Turanabol, it is possible to supplement it with other drugs.
- Use only original products.
- It is necessary to take food containing a large amount of protein at least 4 times a day.
- Drink water at least 2.5 liters per day.

Turanabol is used by beginners as part of the first steroid cycle. The muscle receptors will be able to experience an average effect. Turanabol has a strong multi-functional anabolic effect. Under the influence of this drug, biological processes in the body are accelerated, which are expressed in:

1. Rapid growth of muscle fibers throughout the body.
2. Rapid increase in physical strength and endurance.
3. Accelerated muscle recovery, after heavy exercise.
4. Restoration of ligaments and tendons after training.
5. Reduction of fatty deposits during their processing into energy.
6. Increased metabolism and capacity of muscle cells.
7. Accelerated regeneration of microtraumas of muscle fibers.
8. Perfect combination with any steroids.

These properties show the significant quality of Turanabol and high effectiveness in applying this cycle as one of the best means. Turanabol is ideally combined with injectable steroid preparations.

Side Effects

Turanabol does not produce side effects, unlike Methandienone. Passing Turanabol cycle, you can forget about such side-effects:

1. Great aromatization of the active substance.
2. Increased water retention in muscle fibers.
3. Formation of subcutaneous fat deposits.
4. Gynecomastia.
5. Increase in blood pressure.
6. Negative consequences for the skin.
7. Decrease in the functional work of the hormonal structure.
8. The lack of development of the body's own Testosterone.

Passing Turanabol cycle does not bring negative side effects. There may be a slight decrease in the body's production of its own Testosterone, but it can be easily restored at PCT with the use of Clomid, which is a drug of PCT, and is recommended for use after many cycles of steroids.

Week Turanabol Nolvadex
1 280 mg/week, 40 mg/day
2 280 mg/week, 40 mg/day
3 280 mg/week, 40 mg/day
4 280 mg/week, 40 mg/day
5 280 mg/week, 40 mg/day
6 280 mg/week, 40 mg/day
7 140 mg/week, 20 mg/day
8 140 mg/week, 20 mg/day
9 140 mg/week, 20 mg/day

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