Order First Steroid Cycle Online

Order First Steroid Cycle Online
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First Steroid Cycle:
- Dianoxyl: 100 pills (10 mg/pill)
- Stanoxyl: 100 pills (10 mg/pill)
- Nolvaxyl: 30 pills (20 mg/pill)
Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

The first steroid cycle is very important for a beginner. It is the first acquaintance with drugs that influences further relationships with steroids. Find out how the first cycle of steroids should look like.

The duration of such a cycle is 2 months, and also within 1 month, post cycle therapy (PCT) is performed. This cycle is intended for beginners who have never used anabolics before. It can also be used by athletes who have already conducted a solo cycle of Dianabol. After this cycle, you will learn how your body reacts to exogenous hormones. If you have correctly drawn up the training and nutrition programs, then within 60 days you can gain up to seven kg of muscle mass.

Effects After The First Steroid Cycle

This cycle includes only two anabolics and this is enough to get an excellent result. At the first stage of the cycle, Dianoxyl is used, which significantly increases the speed of mass gain. After this, Stanoxyl is used, which helps to remove excessive water from the body. With the joint use of these drugs, you will be able to gain more than five kg of weight with a minimal muscle loss after the cycle.

The Use of Drugs That Make Up the First Steroid Cycle

From the beginning of the cycle and on the 25th day, you need to take Dianoxyl. The dosage of this anabolic is four tablets per day. Take the drug every four hours for one tablet.

When Dianoxyl cycle is completed, starting from the 26th day of the cycle, you should start using Stanoxyl. The scheme of application of this steroid and its dose is completely analogous to the previous one.

At the beginning of post cycle therapy, for three days, Nolvaxyl should be taken in the amount of two tablets, one in the morning and evening hours. Starting with the fourth day of PCT, the dosage is reduced to one tablet, which must be taken in the morning.

Day Dianoxyl Stanoxyl Nolvaxyl
1-25 40 mg/day
26-60 40 mg/day
61-64 40 mg/day
65-90 20 mg/day

Are There Any Side Effects On First Steroid Cycle?

Dosages of all drugs are small and specially selected for beginners. The only negative impact on the body is a decrease in the production rate in the body of Testosterone, but this problem will be solved by Nolvaxyl.


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